I will support you before, during and after childbirth with the guiding compassion of a mother, and the knowledgeable experience of a professional.
Discover what a doula does for expecting and new mothers.

Ciao! I’m Olivia Pallenberg.

A coach, friend, counselor, mama and doula.

My passion is to provide a strong physical and emotional support system to take care of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period, at home and in the hospital in Rome and beyond. Italian mother tongue, fluent in English and German, I live in Rome, but would follow you to the North Pole to be near you during delivery and accompany you in a postnatal period.


Motherhood is a time that never truly ends – and is filled with endless questions.

Whether it is the beginning of pregnancy or the post birth mentality, there is always support to be found.
With my email and blog articles, find the insight and support you need to help navigate this changing time in your life.

Regardless of where you find yourself in the world, allow me to offer a form of perspicacity in your birthing journey.

Your Maternity in Rome

Rome has many sides – from the enchanting to the frustrating.

Dealing with the local healthcare system and even the Italian medical approach can be a culture shock – or just difficult. Whether you are native to Rome, or living here from abroad, Roman maternity care is probably new to you.

This is where I come in, as a bridge between you and the local medical care during your pregnancy and birth. Native Roman, fluent in English and German, I can help you:

  • select a gynecologist, obstetrician
  • select the place of birth
  • assist you in deciding whether to birth in a public hospital, private clinic, or at home
  • throughout the process to make sure you receive the medical care and attention you envision.

Are you pregnant?
Do you have a newborn?
Would you like to create a birth plan in Rome?

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Why a doula

Pregnancy and birth are a right of passage unlike any other for a woman. Just like every child is unique, so is every child birthing process. With every pregnancy there is a large area of uncertainty and fear that can lead a woman to feel overwhelmed and with a lack of confidence.

Outside of simply being a support system for mothers, I provide practical help backed by education. A coach that will guide you through a birthing plan before birth; an advocate for your wishes during birth; and a counselor to bring families back to equilibrium after birth.

The non-medical aspects of birth require just as much preparation and understanding as the medical.

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If you are finding yourself interested in having an experienced and knowledgeable mother to support and guide you trough the birthing process, set up a free 10-minute phone consultation with me. Together we can discuss your worries, concerns and needs during this life changing time to find the best medical and emotional support you deserve,