I am Olivia Pallenberg

A coach, friend, counselor, mama and doula.

My passion is to provide a strong physical and emotional support system to take a care of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period, at home and in the hospital in Rome and beyond.

Italian mother tongue, fluent in English and German, I live in Rome, but would follow you to the North Pole to be near you during delivery and accompany you in a postnatal period.

My birth stories

Regardless of where you find yourself in this world,
allow me to join you in your birthing journey.


As a mother of two inexhaustible sources of continuing education, I found my enthusiasm for providing encouragement and understanding in the world of motherhood begin. My own births followed completely different pathways and experiences that I was unsure how to navigate or cater to my own physical and emotional needs. It was with this knowledge that I knew I wanted to provide a guiding hand for those undergoing this same life changing experience.

I believe every woman deserves the chance to have their birth be a unique experience to transform their life.

My formal education

My education in the world of birthing is an ongoing one. In 2013 I attended the basic and advanced WHO/Unicef Breastfeeding Peer Counselor training. My personal experience and training assist me in providing basic breastfeeding information and support to mothers. Breastfeeding is not always automatic, but it can be learned.

Some months later I started my journey as a doula by attending the school of Mammadoula in Rome. It was here that I truly learned the benefits and strengths of having the right support system during and after the birthing experience. With over 170 hours of training and extensive knowledge provided by different teachers, doulas, midwives, breastfeeding consultants and psychologists, I was able to create an intensive knowledge of how to support mothers.

Today I continue to further my education by studying Psychology, in order to deepen my ability and competence to be alongside women. By understanding the functions of the mind in relation to behaviors, I hope to relate a stronger emotional intelligence to offer the best care possible. I studied philosophy and traveled the world. I fell in love with Central European feel, and incorporate the same feeling of home to every client I encounter. My vast global knowledge has grown my education by providing me the knowledge of over 4 languages. Receiving an education in so many cultures I now find myself able to communicate much more effectively with many differente lifestyles and walks of life. As a doula I provide a bag full of tools and experiences that will be valuable to you in your journey of motherhood.

Those who find themselves expecting while abroad in a new country can find a sense of security because of my international knowledge. helping women to find a piece of familiarity and confidence in their delivery even when they are in the fast-paced world of Italy, is the culmination of all my efforts.

My expertise

I rely on the global experiences I have had as a mother and doula for others to put mothers in connection with the best medical team possible, as well as protect them from they don’t need during pregnancy and birth. I respect all professions in the birthing industry and work with them to bring the best support possible to mothers.

It is with this resilient training and personal experience that I strive to bring a sense of unique strength and joy to every client I encountering the same empowerment I felt during my own pregnancy to yours

Why I love being a doula

My Birth Stories

One of my favorite roles I have taken on in my life is the role of mother to two wildly inspirational children, Anita and Pietro. As mentioned above my own births provided intense experiences that were vastly different from one another, but each with their own lessons. My own connection that I had with my births is what truly propelled me into the strengthening world of doulas.


My first child and daughter, Anita proved to be an extremely physiological pregnancy. As a first time mother-to-be, I thought I had gained all the knowledge I possibly could during my pregnancy. I read all the books, attended prenatal courses and truly felt I had the knowledge necessary to choose and understand my birth path. I chose a small hospital in Rome to give birth in. as well as a natural birth. When I arrived at the hospital already 7 cm dilated, we knew the birth was going to be quick. As far as births can go Anita was normal, but during my time I couldn’t help but feel as if there were unnecessary interventions along the way. But in the moment all I could focus on was the power I felt in experiences birth. Never in my wildest dreams could I have seen that incredibly prevailing side of myself coming to fruition.

I kept that image of myself during the birth to give me strength to deal with the newborn. You see, while I had done all the necessary step for pregnancy and birth, it was the after birth that had thrown me for a loop. Here I was with this incredible newborn whose smile was supposed to light up my entire world, but I felt alone and unsopported. There are so many stones on the joy of birth, but very little on the actualities od postnatal life.


With my second child Pietro I decided to have an at home birth. This pregnancy was different because I was driven by the memory of the empowerment I felt during my first birth. Taking even less time than the first, but with a little more pain, I found that same sense of strength and courage return to me again as it had before. It was this memory I had to continuously hold on to as I faced months of sleepless nights, isolation and fear that I had not accounted for even after experiencing a birth before.

Now as I help those throughout Rome and beyond navigate their own births, I remember just how rewarding the entire process can be. allowing myself to be the support system a mother leans on brings that same sense of empowerment and joy to my work even today.


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