Your birth is truly unique to your own experience

It’s important that you find the doula whose personality is the right for you.

Birth is a life-changing experience and it’s really not the time to make nice if you’re not feeling it! I would be happy to know your situation and wishes for childbirth and see how we can work together.

Let’s start from where you are and how you need to be supported during this extraordinary phase of your life.

Which scenario do you relate to?

Regardless of where you find yourself in this world,
allow me to join you in your birthing journey.

Scenario One

You are expecting a child in Rome.

No matter how much – or how little – time you’ve lived in the eternal City, birthing is totally new territory.

The promise of new life can be a time of joy, but the promise of new life when you are in a new culture abroad can be nerve-racking. to be in place where you don’t speak or know the local language, let alone the medical system, can cause immeasurable stress and worry. Perhaps you are finding yourself without your own mother, sister or friends who could support you during this time, and your partner can only accompany you and bring you so much insight. for those that find themselves an expat woman, or a foreigner in a new part of life, a doula can provide the guidance and wisdom of a mother throughout the delivery process.

Don’t let the fear of the unknown cause your birth to be anything but unique and beautiful to your needs. Your doula can be safety net you turn to for crucial information and expertise in the unmapped area of international childbirth. Outside of being a translator who advocates for you with medical personnel, a doula can be the support who is the only one that knows you and our desires, preferences fears and needs.

Just having another trained mother around can make all the difference. Preparation for life once baby is here is just as vital as the birth. While you are trying to balance new life and an unknown culture, a doula can help you and your partner find equilibrium. Breastfeeding support, cooking a meal so you can rest and catering to the necessary needs that will help you feel the comfort of home with the confidence of a traveller.

Feeling at home even when you’re abroad.
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Scenario Two

You just gave birth!

Congratulations. Now everything changes, and it’s not as simple – or “natural” – as you thought.

You are proud new mother and have finally brought your bundle of joy home from the hospital cuddled in your arms. But as you look upon your newborn’s face you can feel the world collapsing around him. You have been told and expected to find joy from the smile on their face and their tiny nose and eyes, but when you look upon them you find yourself wondering about all you have let discover, and all you don’t know.

All your energy has been focused on the events leading to the birth, but very little time to understand the after. With no one to talk about it with a strange sense of isolation begins to take over. Worrying about your breastfeeding difficulties is causing you and your partner lacking the proper nutrition you need. You’re recovering from a C-section and facing a large amount of sleep deprivation.

With everything not going according to plan panic and postpartum can become a reality very quickly. you just need come help and guidance – new.

Feeling confident with a newborn.
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Scenario Three

You are a single mama

We know you can do this – let’s empower you even more.

You are single mother who is ecstatic to be welcoming your baby to the world.

You have invested all of your energy and knowledge in the search for the best pregnancy possible. With strong sense of empowerment and overwhelming joy you have prepared for the journey ahead.

Perhaps you have taken the path of artificial insemination, and perhaps one child has suddenly become two. With a new path coming out of nowhere and a story with different ending approaching, you no longer know where to start. A strange sense of anger and disillusionment all bundled into one frightening moment in need of support.

Feeling empowered in motherhood.
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