Birth is an experience unparalleled to any other, that very few can understand. Being able to connect and support women all around the world – and specially in Rome – during a uniquely powerful moment in their lives is an indescribable feeling – one that I am privileged to have in my life’ work.

I was very happy to meet Olivia. The first few days/weeks with a newborn can be challenging, especially as an expat, because family members don't live nearby. Olivia was of great help. She is very professional and natural with babies. It has been such a joy to have her help us during the first weeks of Irene's life. We are eternally grateful for her support, useful advice and warm hearted nature. We will always look back at this special period with great happiness.

Viktoria B.

Ho conosciuto Olivia per caso attraverso un volantino dalla grafica gentile e colorata. L'ho tenuto da parte fino a dopo il parto quando ho deciso di chiamarla. Ero molto spaventata dall'allattamento e reduce da una nottata di ritorno a casa dall'ospedale tragica. Olivia mi ha aiutato tantissimo, ha passato qualche ora con noi, con piccoli consigli dati in modo discreto e dolce. Non ho mai più avuto un problema con l'allattamento. Ci ha anche aiutate con la nostra prima fascia aprendoci un mondo. Grazie ancora!


Ho conosciuto Olivia il giorno dopo aver dato alla luce il mio piccolo Manfredi presso la clinica in cui ho partorito e ho sin dall'inizio compreso che il suo aiuto sarebbe stato molto prezioso per entrambi. Infatti, oltre ad insegnarmi come stimolare il seno per prepararlo all'allattamento, ha assistito insieme a me ad uno dei momenti più delicati ed emozionanti che una mamma possa provare: quello di nutrire per la prima volta con il proprio latte il mio piccolo appena nato! Probabilmente, senza la calma e la dolcezza con cui Olivia si è rapportata a me, non sarei mai riuscita ad allattare e per questo non posso far altro che ringraziarla e ricordarla con tanto affetto e gratitudine!


I had recently been thinking how grateful I was that you were here in those first few weeks. I don’t think I could have managed without you. Thank you again for your help and support that helped me to also stay more balanced at a wonderful, but difficult and emotional time.

Carolyn, mother of twins

Cara Olivia, due mesi fa ho smesso di allattare Teo. Non ci crederai ma sei stata la prima persona a cui ho pensato. E cosi ho iniziato a scriverti, ma non ho piu finito. Ancora una volta ti sono grata, per i consigli, ma ancora di più per la forza e la serenità che mi hai sempre fatto sentire. When I stopped breastfeeding Teo, a few months back in September las year, when he was about 23 months old, my thoughts went back to the first days I held him in my arms, or even before then, I thought of the weeks my husband and I were trying somehow to prepare for him. We decided for our baby to be born in Rome, my home town. Being my husband from abroad, we got ready to face not only language and cultural differences on site, but all the practicalities we would face as a new Mom and Dad during those first days, like the first feeding, the first bath, the first diaper. We were introduced to Olivia and the Doulas' world by Laura*. I will use my husband's words thinking back to those first days: "Olivia's presence was unexchangeable. Her relaxed and relaxing approach made us feel comfortable, I had a feeling that I had always known her, like someone you know closely". I remember my first doubts and fears. While sitting on the other side of the bed with discretion, Olivia very simply said to me with a smile "sei bravissima". A year and a half after, I called Olivia when I wanted to let Teo fall asleep in my arms in the afternoon without breastfeeding him. I needed an advice, another Mom's voice that could tell me her way to love her small baby and avoid a big trauma. Just talk to him, she said, and tell him what you feel. Teo was 16 months old then and listened to me. Our connection became even stronger. I suddenly discovered I could Talk to my baby. Matteo is now almost 27 months old and I see the curiosity about the world sparkling in his eyes. I am thankful for the love and time we shared so far. I am thankful for the strength I found within to be a Mom. I am thankful to Olivia for being close to me along the way. * Laura Antinucci (1954-2015), great woman and IBCLC.